Your Guide to a New Orleans Bachelorette Trip

The Ultimate Bachelorette Weekend Guide: New Orleans Edition

2018: The year that I will always remember as the year of best friends weddings and bachelorette parties. From Nashville to New Orleans all the way across the border to Tulum; my friends sure know how to celebrate!

This weekend was such a special celebration as I prepared myself to watch one of my very best friends since 1st grade, walk down the aisle! We went to New Orleans in the beginning of May and it was the perfect time to explore the city. I have compiled travel tips from our itinerary including where we stayed, ate, drank and explored below. Cheers!

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I never go far without my handy Away luggage “bigger” carry-on! [USB charger included and fits as a carry-on on domestic flights!]

All decor found on: Etsy 

New Orleans style decor for our girls bachelorette weekend!

These tasty treats came from Baked By Melissa! Bite-sized deliciousness.

The trendy and antique interior of our New Orleans AirBnB

Where to Stay: 

  • AirBnB – We stayed here and absolutely LOVED the house. It was a little more affordable given it’s location as we had to make our way across the water on the ferry (the quickest way to get into town) but it fit our group perfect and had so much charm!
    • Here is where we stayed! The price ranges throughout the year depending on peak season but it cost approximately $200/night and can fit 6 girls.

Interior photos of our New Orleans AirBnb

The exterior of our New Orleans AirBnB home for the weekend!

Making our way to town on the ferry!

Taking the ferry from our AirBnB into the Jazz Fest in New Orleans

Welcome to JAZZ FEST! 

We attended Sheryl Crow’s show  and the other Friday night performers at Jazz Fest. It was a tough decision picking which day we would buy passes for; however it really came down to wanting a full Saturday day and night for other miscellaneous bachelorette festivities.

Entering the Jazz Fest festivities in New Orleans!

^^ Got to love finding some local ATL Terrapin beer in NOLA!

Post-show it was time to take on Bourbon Street (Round 1) the best way we knew how.. hand grenades, daiquiris, and hurricanes!

New Orleans at night! Wandering down Bourbon Street.

Pat O'Briens bar and light up fountain in downtown new Orleans!

Destination: Pat O’Brien’s patio

This spot is a must-visit during your time exploring Bourbon Street. Their infamous Hurricane drinks are delicious but packed with sugar so say hello to a headache the next morning.  (definitely a one-and-done for me)

You can't go to New Orleans and not have a hurricane!

Night one:

  • Catch the ferry and shuttle to the fair grounds for Jazz Fest! The line-up changes every year but it is always full of lively, talented musicians and great food vendors. You are guaranteed a good time regardless of which day you choose! Festival tickets are right around $80/one day pass.
  • Make a post-show pit stop at Bacchanal Wine  for some vino and live jazz music.
  • Finish out the night at Pat O’Briens If it’s nice out, the patio is a must and treat yourself to a big ole’ Hurricane while you’re at it!

Hanging out and drinking Hurricanes at Pat O'Briens in New Orleans

Bachelorette cheers to a long weekend in New Orleans

Jazz Fest in New Orleans!

Day two:

  • Breakfast at the famous Cafe Du Monde for some coffee and beignets (essentially fried dough and powdered sugar… great way to sugar kick-off your morning!)
  • Explore the French Quarter and Bourbon street- The French Quarter is vibrant, historic and perfect for strolling around with a drink in hand.
    • Jackson Square – Where you will find loads of artwork, street shows, and fortune tellers. Take in the views of the St. Louis Cathedral!
  • Carousel Bar for an early afternoon cocktail. (see photo below)
  • Settle in for bottomless mimosas, live music courtesy of the ‘sailor men’, and deliciously filling Creole dishes at the amazing brunch restaurant Tableau. Located off Jackson Square; this restaurant has all the charm and if you have good weather, I’d highly recommend taking advantage of the colorful patio seating.
  • Hit the town for one last girls night out on Frenchmen Street! Here you will find live music at every corner, including curbside jazz (and maybe even a parade) at all times of the evening. This is a great place to hop around from spot to spot to get a taste of New Orleans nightlife.

Wandering down the colorful and hip roads of New Orleans

Day three:

  • Finish off the weekend strong with a hair-of-the-dog bloody mary or mimosa and a burlesque brunch (yup, exactly what it sounds like)  at  SoBou

The most charming and colorful scenes in New Orleans

Seriously, how cute are these buildings and patios?! Every turn we took I was in awe of the beautiful architecture and vibrant colors.

Enjoying a massive bloody mary and brunch at Tableu in New Orleans

Another day, another charming courtyard in New Orleans

We even got live music right at our table serenading the bridesmaids and soon-to-be bride herself!

Another must: grab a drink and explore the French Quarter. This area is filled with spontaneous street shows ( think magic, breakdancing and other one-off acts ), art work, fortune tellers and horse carriages.

Don’t miss this rotating bar that brings you back in time at The Carousel