Favorite Wellness Spots in Atlanta Georgia 2022

Sierra Botanical Collaborative in Sandy Springs herbalism and natural healing

Wellness in Atlanta

Over the last 8 years I have visited my fair share of health professionals in and around the Atlanta area. I’ve been connected with healing doctors who have completely changed both my mental and physical wellbeing and for that, I am forever grateful.

The world of more “natural” healing and health can be super overwhelming and almost like a foreign language to many. The idea of Chinese medicine, functional or integrative medicine and holistic healing are not discussed nearly as much as their western counterparts (I’m looking at you big Pharma TV ads on repeat…).

I’ve never understood why I would choose the pharmaceutical drugs that are advertised on TV as one of my first ‘resorts’ for a health condition; especially once they list off the 50+ side effects (often including possible stroke/heart attack/death). No thank you!

I have fallen in love with learning more about these alternative ways to help our minds and bodies flourish. If you are in the Atlanta area, I hope that this cohesive list helps take out some of the mystery / guesswork on who to see for various issues. *(And if you do NOT live in Atlanta, I highly suggest doing some research in your local area because you are your own biggest health advocate!)*


Sandy Springs Corrective Chiropractic is my go-to for chiropractic care and an overall wellness lifestyle!

Corrective Chiropractic (Multiple locations)

I have been going to Corrective Chiropractic for a few years now and have had an amazing experience with Corrective Chiropractic in both Buckhead and Sandy Springs. Since I moved to Sandy Springs, I’ve been going to see Dr. Lisa. She was a huge resource for me throughout my entire pregnancy and she’s been an essential piece of the puzzle during my postpartum healing days.

At Corrective Chiropractic, along with your usual chiropractic care, you can also find pediatric and prenatal care!


Herbalist office in Sandy Springs Georgia full of all the wellness remedies

Sierra Botanica & Collaborative Medicine (Sandy Springs)

My most recent discovery in the wellness space has been Oscar at Sierra Botanica. For years I have dabbled in the world of herbalism but never got much further than a variety of herbal teas and store bought adaptogenic products. Once I stopped nursing, I was ready to dig deeper into the world of herbs – in tincture, tea, powder and capsule form. It is all a bit overwhelming especially since I already take quite a few supplements and I don’t want to mess with anything I am currently on.

Oscar is extremely knowledgeable on all things herbal and eastern medicine. I am always striving to feel like my best self whether that is having more sustainable energy, less anxiety/depression, less (or better yet-zero) PMS symptoms, better hormone balance, sleep, and more.

Oscar and his team will treat you as the individual that you are and address all sorts of health concerns or issues. They can also make all sorts of made-in-house tinctures, teas, etc.

In just 3 months of visiting Oscar’s practice, I have noticed better skin, improved mood / less anxiety, and more. If you are struggling with hormones, migraines, body aches, anxiety, depression, sleep problems etc. – this might just be your next best move!

(Note: If you know someone fighting a cancer diagnosis; I do not know details but I do know that Oscar works extensively with Cancer patients so that is worth noting)

Belly and Body Care

Another one of my newest discoveries; Elizabeth with BellyandBodyCare might just be my new favorite secret gem in the healing space. Ever since pregnancy and my C-Section I have dealt with lower back and tailbone pain along with aching in my hips. Elizabeth has over 15 years of experience working with everyone from babies to elderly. As far as women’s health goes; her work can be beneficial for PCOS, uterine prolapse, fertility challenges, low back ache, fibroids, cysts, abdominal surgery prep and so much more.

Elizabeth has global knowledge on these different practices after living and working all over the world (most recently New Zealand / Australia).

My personal testimony:

I noticed a difference after the very first 1.5 hour appointment. She was able to identify a significant reason for my tailbone pain and I had an immediate decrease in lower back discomfort after that first session. I will 100% be returning for another session and will likely see her during future pregnancies as well to help my body prepare.

Check out the Well of Roswell for more wellness events (sound healing, meditation mondays, and more)


RAW Bronzing Studio (Buckhead/Midtown)

If you are looking to get a spray tan in the Atlanta area, I would highly recommend RAW Bronzing. I’m always trying to seek out places that use ‘clean’ ingredients and RAW’s bronzing solution is vegan, cruelty-free, and organic.

Baby Food

Glass House Kitchen / My Foodie Cubes:

To be completely honest; I always envisioned myself preparing all my baby’s foods… organic.. homemade.. you get the picture. However, that has not been my reality; especially since I’ve returned to work.

I was introduced to this local ATL small business last fall at the Peachtree Road Farmers Market. I love supporting local whenever possible and LOVE that all the foodie cubes are organic and freshly prepared before at-home delivery!

James personal favorites so far as the lamb, chicken, green beans and parsnip. It has allowed us to introduce foods that I likely would not be preparing on my own and they’ve been a hit in our household!

Loving our Mushie easy to clean bib for all the messy eating that comes with baby feedings!

Other Trusted Baby Food Brands that we Love:

  • Serenity Kids: balanced food options for your little one and lots of protein rich items without any of the sugar added that many baby food brands have.
  • YUMI: Delivered to your door as a subscription that grows with your baby. Was a great healthy option as I transitioned back to work as we figured out what worked for our family and preparing baby food! (affiliate link – get $25 off first order)
  • Little Spoon: Same as Yumi! Little Spoon (affiliate link – get $20 off your first order) is another great and trusted brand favorite of ours. James LOVED all the flavors and I loved how much variety they offer. From chia seeds, flaxseed, polenta, and coconut milk to spirulina and ginger; your babe will get LOTS of different textures and flavor profiles!


CentreSpring MD (Brookhaven)

I started seeing Whitney at CentreSpringMD in Brookhaven right around when I found out I was pregnant. After struggling with my skin for several recent years thanks to hormone imbalance; I knew I wanted to stay on top of my skincare while also using safe and clean ingredients now that there was a baby in the picture. 11 months postpartum and I am still going to see her! I’ve loved the product recommendations and her facials are an A + in my books.

(also love the acupuncturist at CentreSpringMD as well!)

FACED Studio

Review coming soon (!!)

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