Third Trimester Pregnancy Recap: We’re Almost There!

Welcome to the FINAL COUNTDOWN! If you have been following along, I have shared my experiences from both my first and second trimesters here. It’s hard to believe that we are now on the final week(s) before we get to meet our greatest adventure yet.

Maternity photos during the final countdown of our third trimester!

Third Trimester Recap:

Symptoms in the Third Trimester:

  • Shortness of Breath: No surprise there! I have been breathless since the first trimester Now with the increased fatigue and the much bigger belly, the time in which I am completely out of breath is almost comical. Even walking around the house on the phone gives me shortness of breath.
  • Heartburn: I am beyond ready to be able to eat spicy food or really anything for that matter at night without dealing with the impending heartburn / acid reflux. Tums have become my new best friend on my nightstand. For someone whose never dealt with this, it is definitely a symptom I am ready to say goodbye to asap!
  • Body Aches ( feet, lower back ): I start out most days feeling pretty good overall. By the end of the day after walking, stairs, and every day tasks, my arches on my feet kill and my lower back begins to ache. Luckily I have less than 2 weeks to go (and then I get to move on to new types of pain – ha!).
  • Fatigue: The fatigue is REAL. I did not struggle as much as many during my first trimester with this symptom but now I finally understand. By 2-3 in the afternoon, I am absolutely wiped out and all I want to do is nap.
  • Disrupted Sleep: I have pretty much said adios to insomnia, at least the type that I was struggling with for the last two trimesters. Instead, my entire night is super broken up between crazy dreams, pressure on the bladder at all times, and the effort it takes to flip from one side to the other. Oh, and not to mention allergies + congestion which results in snoring and wakes the poor hubby up nightly.. Sorry babe, we’re almost to the finish line!
  • Hungry! Always: I feel hungry a lot more but yet my appetite isn’t quite there. AKA nothing sounds great, I’m super indecisive and it’s hard to feel satisfied after a meal. At this point the one constant is my craving for a chocolate milkshake every night 🙂
  • Baby Movements: FINALLY. Thanks to my anterior placenta, it took much longer to feel baby movements and even longer for those to become regular/noticeable. This caused a ton of anxiety for me until about week 33 or so. Now I finally get my daily dose of baby kicks, wiggles and jabs in the rib cage.
maternity photos from third trimester at Summerour Studio in Atlanta, Georgia

Favorite things that got me through the final trimester:

Most of the items that have gotten me through the third trimester can be found on Amazon. I have linked my Amazon ‘ storefront ‘ here. This is where you can find all my favorite items for pregnancy and very soon, postpartum as well.

Belly Band:

I purchased this belly band on Amazon and although I forget to wear it a lot, it has been a huge help when I am already feeling achey in my lower back but still want to get out for a walk.

Pregnancy Pillow:

This is my number one favorite item of the third trimester by far. I remember when I first purchased this massive U-shaped pillow and thought it was ridiculous how large it was / couldn’t imagine actually using it. The pillow now is my saving grace as I flip from side-to-side trying to get comfortable at night.


As the baby grows bigger and basically pushes on all of your organs, digestion definitely takes a toll. I have consistency taken these probiotics which I have found help tremendously and will continue after birth.

Maternity photos captured at Summerour Studio in Atlanta with only 4 weeks left to go in our pregnancy journey.

Third Trimester Work Outs:

Sculpt Society

I downloaded the app for Sculpt Society since I heard how low-impact her workouts were but WOW they will still kick your butt. Although I have to slow down moves on almost every video, I love the small but effective toning moves. I’ve especially loved the 10-minute arm quickies using my 1-pound wrist Bala bangles.

Obe Fitness

Obe Fitness has continued to be a great resource for my pregnancy workouts. I switch between 10-minute quickies and 30 minute sculpt classes depending on how I am feeling. I have no doubt slowed down tremendously and certain moves are uncomfortable but figure it is better than nothing.

Spinning Babies:

In a (so far failed) attempt to get baby T to flip head down from his/her persistent frank breech position, I downloaded the 30-minute Spinning Babies Daily Essentials video. While trying to open up via various yoga positions (downward dog, cat-cow, lunge, bridge, etc), I’ve also attempted the daily upside down inversion. Sadly, none of these have caused our sweet babe to decide to flip over but I figure doing these daily exercises can’t hurt regardless!

The Final Touches: Nursery Reveal!

Baby's gender neutral nursery in full effect!

We are already so in love with our nursery and have began day-dreaming of the moment we will be rocking our sweet little one. Hooper can definitely tell something is up as we find him lounging in here all the time (instead of one of this multiple comfy dog beds..) so that says something!

We decided to go with an animal ‘safari theme’ and kept it all gender neutral. We figured all kids like animals, so you can’t go wrong. I have linked some of the items from our room below.

Baby safari-inspired gender neutral nursery
Sweet little love at first sight picture frame with our 20-week anatomy scan ultrasound photo inside.

We’ve spent the first half of the third trimester getting in as many date nights, weekend adventures, and friend hangouts as possible. We were spoiled by friends and family with two amazing baby showers – adventure and safari animal themed and all I can say is WOW…Baby Tamburo sure has an amazing village of support awaiting his or her arrival.

Third Trimester baby shower celebrating our future travel babe!
Baby shower in the third trimester!