The Ultimate Adventure Travel Guide to the Skylodge Adventure Suites in Peru

Where are my adventure seekers and adrenaline junkies? Have you ever wondered what it would be like to sleep on the side of a mountain? Look no further than the all-inclusive overnight excursion with Natura Vive to the Skylodge Adventure Suites. This Peru adventure is not for the faint of heart.

This 24-hour adventure started with a pick-up from our hotel in Cusco and a scenic drive into the Sacred Valley. After a 30-minute safety briefing, the ascent to our skylodge adventure suites began. All we had to carry with us was the bare minimum of what we needed that evening (i.e. toiletries, PJ’s, rain gear – the rest we left at the bottom office).

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Climbing our way up one step at a time via ferrata. En route to the Skylodge Adventure Suites; an overnight glass capsule stay on the side of the mountain in Sacred Valley!
Nothing but focus on my husbands face while scaling the mountain via ferrata on his way up to the Skylodge Adventure Suites.

Skylodge Adventure Suites: The Climb

With the assistance of our bilingual tour guides, the climb began as we made our way up 400 meters via ferrata. Along the way we faced areas on the mountainside that were much more challenging than others; including walking across the tightrope pictured below.

During the ascent, we had to change our two carabiner clips nearly 200 times. Just as the sun began to set behind the valley; we arrived at the mountainside dining capsule complete with a gourmet dinner and red wine. This is the point where we were finally able to ‘unwind’ and take it easy. That is, until we realized that we still had to make our way via ferrata to our overnight capsule.

Using our headlamps and once again following the footsteps of our guide, we made our way slowly to our unique (to say the least) hotel room. Each capsule is complete with comfortable beds, an eco-friendly bathroom, filtered water, and even card games to keep us entertained on our one-night stay.

The overnight experience was like a dream. Our capsule gave us a 300 degree view of the Sacred Valley and we were surrounded by hundreds of stars and the milky way above as we fell asleep.

Taking an alternative route across the mountain to get to the next via ferrata stretch. One of the scariest parts of the climb was facing out into the Valley and walking across 2-tight lines.
All the way up! (or almost!) Making my way up slowly but surely to my skylodge adventure suite!
All smiles after making it to a good breaking point on the trek up the mountain side. A "flat" rock which was a welcome break after a 90 degree climb.
The stunning sunset setting in the Sacred Valley of Peru making the terrifying climb up the mountain  all worth while.
Sunset views over the valley during our climb

Fair warning; it can get extremely windy at night in the valley. I had a hard time falling asleep for several hours as the wind gusts were so loud and I didn’t realize that it was perfectly normal and 100% safe.

Taking in the morning views from our Skylodge Adventure Suites capsule on the side of the mountain.
Good morning views!
Say Cheese! Posing on the top of our overnight glass capsule with hard hats on and all the safety gear before making our way down the mountain via zipline.
A much needed cheers with red Peruvian wine after safely ascening 1200 ft. up the side of a mountain!
Cheers to safely climbing 1200 ft. up a mountain for our unique hotel stay
Don't look down! Sitting roughly 1200 ft. on the mountain side of the Sacred Valley in Peru.We said goodbye this morning to our Skylodge Adventure Suites after a crazy unique hotel stay.
On top of our overnight hotel capsule
My husband making his way from our sleeping capsule to the breakfast capsule. The ONLY way to get to breakfast is to climb there and face all your fears!
On the way to breakfast
Smiling big to hide the fear and strenuous climbing that had been happening for the last ~ 2 or so hours up the side of the Sacred Valley. A experience and views that we will never forget.
Laughing because there is only one way to go from here
Smiling big and leaning away from the mountain side as we posed for the group photographer half way up the mountain to our skylodge adventure suites!
Slow and steady wins the race! Taking it slow and careful as I crossed the double rope lines to get to the next via ferrata portion of the hike.
Smiling safe and sound inside of our Skylodge Adventure Suites. No safety gear or hard hats were needed as we relaxed in our comfy bed for a gorgeous sunrise!
300 degree views over the Sacred Valley

Skylodge Adventure Suites: Meals

When we first signed up for this experience, I had high expectations for the climbing and sleeping set-up but no real expectations for the food.

All I can say is WOW were we impressed with the meals during our stay.
Dinner was complete with salad, creamy sweet potato soup, grilled chicken over sun dried tomato quinoa, and a chocolate fudge brownie for dessert. We were also given a bottle of Peruvian coast Malbec wine to enjoy both at dinner and in our room capsule.

Breakfast was no different. The following morning we made our way alongside the mountain to the community glass pod where a delicious breakfast was served before our descent. Our meal was complete with scrambled eggs, cereal, fresh fruit, toast, coffee and fresh-squeezed juice.

A full and tasty breakfast full of bread, orange juice, coffee, cereal and more; served inside of the main adventure suite.
Breakfast with a view
The entire climbing group enjoying a full breakfast before ziplining down the side of the mountain.
Good morning! Popping my head out of the top of our overnight glass capsule/adventure suite after a choppy night of sleep. Thankful to be safe and sound and ready for the next adventure on the way down.
Only one way to get out of your capsule ^

The Descent:

After a crazy ascent up the mountain, an amazing dinner, cozy overnight stay, and a delicious breakfast; the experience still was not over.

There are a few options to get back to the base of the mountain but we chose the zip-line route. There are six zip-lines that take you souring over the valley until finally you reach ground level.

My husband on one of the many zip-lines that took us to the bottom of the Sacred Valley!
Climbing up. Zip-lining down
Holding on for dear life as I flew across the zip-line at faster speeds than I imagined.
Ziplining down into the Sacred Valley!
Ziplining down into the Sacred Valley!