Bachelorette Guide: Highlights from our 48-hours in Scottsdale Arizona

Bachelorette Guide: Scottsdale Arizona

Bachelorette weekend in Scottsdale Arizona

One month ago, we kicked off wedding festivities in Scottsdale, Arizona as we celebrated our soon-to-be sister-in-law’s bachelorette party. The actual wedding was in Washington DC. Therefore, with 1/2 of the bridal party coming from the east coast and the other 1/2 from the west coast; we decided it was only fair to meet closer to our California girls. Hence our decision to chose Scottsdale, Arizona as the perfect meeting destination.

On top of trying be convenient, we also were looking for a laidback destination. A place where we could get some serious R&R while still playing it safe during COVID-19 times. If you’re looking for a wild and crazy, dancing in the clubs filled bachelorette party guide; this is not for you. However, if you are interested in some pampering AND some partying alongside then keep reading!

NOTE – If you are just browsing and trying to get ideas for a future bachelorette getaway, don’t miss my guides to New Orleans, Tulum Mexico and Denver Colorado!

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Why Scottsdale?

Scottsdale, Arizona is truly the PERFECT destination for those looking to get outdoors, relax by the pool, hike or just pamper at the spa all weekend long.

For non-COVID times, downtown Scottsdale and Old Town are full of bars, clubs and restaurants. We walked past the bar scene on Saturday night in Old Town and you would have never guessed that there was a global pandemic taking place. Barely one person with a mask on and little if any social distancing.

That being said, we had the most amazing and relaxing time in Scottsdale and wouldn’t have changed a thing from our quick 48 hour itinerary.

Sipping a chocolate strawberry milkshake by the poolside of the Phoenician Resort in Scottsdale Arizona

Where to Stay: Scottdale

There are plenty of choices when it comes to picking your accommodations in Scottsdale. From large hotel chains to smaller boutique hotels, small AirBnB and larger group home rentals; there is a place for everyone.

We stayed at the most charming AirBnB a quick 5-10 minute drive from Old Town. It easily fit our group of six and every single piece of decor was picture perfect. Our hosts were easy to work with, the location was hard to beat, and the backyard patio with the pool and boho aesthetic were the icing on top.

Arizona decor in our charming AirBnB in Scottsdale
bohemian dining room at our charming airbnb in scottsdale Arizona

HIGHLIGHTS: Must Do’s during your time in Scottsdale Arizona


You can’t go all the way to Scottsdale, Arizona and NOT visit one of their many amazing spas. Given COVID restrictions and bachelorette party group options, we ended up at the Fairmont Scottsdale Princess resort.

Our afternoon ‘s’party’ at the Fairmont Scottsdale spa began with changing into big comfy robes and slippers and kicking off our individualized treatments. We split off between 60-minute massages and 60-minute organic facials before meeting back up to enjoy their various spa amenities. From taking a dip in their waterfall hot tub (and cold plunge), to deep breathing in the essential oil filled inhalation room and finally finishing off our day lying by the rooftop pool with refreshing cocktails in hand.

The Fairmont Scottsdale Well & Being Spa made sure our afternoon group outing was perfect down to every last detail. The package included a customized lunch (catering to many different dietary needs) and we even left with little high-quality spa goodie bags!

Spa day at the Fairmont Scottsdale Princess Spa in Arizona
Spa day and "S'party" with the girls during our lunch brunch
Fall festivities at the Fairmont Scottsdale Princess


After the jam-packed weekend came to an end, we all agreed that the in-house chef experience was by far a group favorite. We worked with Janette from The Fig & The Knife prior to coming to Scottsdale in order to craft the perfect curated menu. With a wide range of dietary preferences and restrictions; from gluten-free to vegetarian, she made it work.

Not only did she make it “work”, but she made us the most phenomenal 5+ course brunch. Every item seemed to be better than the last (and we wondered how that was even possible).

Starting with a first course fall-inspired pumpkin smoothie, followed by spiced granola yogurt cups and specialty avocado toast and finishing off with huevos ranchers (with a twist!) and ah-mazing baked french toast! Oh, and I can’t forget the white-wine sangria loaded with seasonal fruit or the mocktails for the pregnant ladies :). Every item was a 10/10.

If you are looking for a fun and unique experience, I can’t recommend Janette enough. She also does meals for smaller (or larger groups) and typically curates dinner menus – but like for us, she was willing to try something new!

In-home chef at our airbnb in Scottsdale. Eating our fall inspired gluten free yogurt parfaits!
Specialty avocado toast loaded with pomegranate seeds and radishes for our in-home chef experience in scottsdale, arizona
Delicious, fall-inspired french toast for our bride to be!


This was the one activity that unfortunately we were not able to complete during our weekend getaway. There was a time crunch of girls getting in at different times, time zone changes, and logistics of getting to the house. On top of that, the desert heat did not disappoint. It was a whopping 90+ degrees of pure, dry heat… Not the ideal situation to hike in mid-day sun to the top of a desert mountain.

Although, I have seen and heard plenty of recommendations to check out Camelback Mountain! It is closely located to where we stayed and the hike itself isn’t supposed to be overly strenuous. Just do yourselves a favor, and start the trek up early in the morning to avoid our same issue.

Watching the sunrise over the mountains in Scottsdale Arizona from our coffee table at the Phoenician Resort.


Although we didn’t venture out much during our time in Old Town because of COVID, there are a ton of restaurants and bar options. You could easily spend 2+ full nights out on the town between rooftop cocktails and dancing the night away at one of their many clubs.

Given social distancing requirements and precautions that we chose to take; we ended up just grabbing cocktails at the W Lounge. Even though it was indoors, they had requirements to wear a mask unless you were sitting at your table and all the booths were plenty spaced out.

Unfortunately I can’t provide much more of a nightlife recommendation list – however, I can highly recommend a delicious brunch spot that we hit up on Sunday. Schmooze is the cutest spot to grab a delicious breakfast and specialty coffee. It’s super “COVID friendly” with a charming outdoor patio with plenty of spacing and fresh air. Highly recommend a visit!

Relaxing with masks during COVID at the W Hotel in downtown Scottsdale on a bachelorette party weekend.
The W Lounge in Oldtown Scottsdale

As always, you can feel free to DM me here with any questions!