Railay – Thailand

Sunsets, Wild Monkeys, & Cliff Repelling

Railay was definitely one of the most beautiful beaches I have ever visited.  
​We watched the sunset every night on West Railay beach while laying on our sarongs, listening to our local Thai friend play through john Mayer and other classic acoustic songs on his guitar, and watching the group play frisbee as the colors in the sky slowly changed from blues to purples to pinks oranges and reds until eventually the sky would go black and we’d make our way back to town for the nights activities. 

Wild monkeys can be found pretty much everywhere in Railay. They were in the middle of most pathways we took to get to the different beaches and they definitely weren’t afraid of humans. They are known to take food or anything else that you hold on easily accessible to them but none of us had any issues. For the most part they just says there and stared at us as we passed.

Phereng beach— also known as one of the most beautiful beaches in the world. The random limestone cliffs popping out of the water we’re breathtaking themselves. The sand was soft and white. I got two oil Thai massages lying right right within 20 feet of the ocean while laying on my sarong listening to my music and getting tan at the same time. ( oh and for ~ $5 USD each ). Quite the serene place to be. When you google Thailand.. Many of the pictures that pop up are taken at this exact location.

In the evenings our favorite spot to go was Last Bar where there were nightly fire shows, dance parties, buckets everywhere, and occasional Muay Thai matches in the ring inside the bar.