3-Day Weekend Getaway to Portland, Maine

What to do when a flash-sale pops up to fly to Portland, Maine in June?  Find your most spontaneous friend, book the plane ticket, and then figure out all the reasons you can’t wait to visit this new city ( that you had never thought of visiting in the past ).
Sometimes these types of trips are the absolute best. Unknown territory, little to no expectations, and a trip full of pleasant surprises along the way.
Katherine and I set off to visit Portland, Maine shortly after purchasing our Delta last-minute sale tickets. With the little research we found online, a shared-bedroom AirBnB rental, and a free-upgrade bright red Jeep Wrangler rental, we were off to explore the city of Portland, Maine.

WOW…. is all I can say. This trip was everything and more than we imagined The food, the downtown atmosphere, the people we met, the road trip up the coast and the scenic coastline made the trip both unforgettable, and one that we would easily repeat if we got the chance.

Although our time was short, we did our best indulging in the foodie and outdoors scene along with a LOT of photographs along the way. Check out some of our favorite finds below 🙂



    • The Holy Donut: This is a must for all of you with a sweet tooth. Maine Potato Donuts. Ginger glazed sweet potato  + Dark Chocolate Sea Salt + Toasted Coconut with coconut milk glaze +  Cinnamon Sugar Glaze + SO many more. The options are endless.  {Bonus: No nuts or soy in any of their donuts and they have gluten free AND Vegan options}
    • Arabic Coffee Company: Cute side street coffee shop finds are a must on all trips. Coffee = everything.
    • Bayside American Cafe
    • Becky’s Diner: Reasonably priced and a local hot spot. Becky’s did not disappoint. A warm cup of joe and the perfect oversized diner breakfast kept us full and ready to explore downtown Portland for the day ahead. Be prepared to wait if you don’t get there early!
    • Scratch Bakery



  • Duckfat Cafe: the best fries + sandwiches + shakes [healthy? no. worth every bite? definitely.] Try their duck-fat fried brussels sprouts +  hand cut belgian fries in their specialty dipping sauces + if you are feeling real hungry, their twist on Canadian poutine is a must… Belgian fries topped with cheese, duck gravy and fresh chives.
  • West Street Cafe: Lobster rolls


  • Roadtrip up the coastline
  • Visit Arcadia National Park
  • Stand on top of Cadillac Mountain
  • Eat fresh lobster rolls in Bar Harbor
  • Take a sunset sail out of downtown Portland Maine
  • Take part in the annual downtown old town Portland festival