Menorca Spain: Honeymoon Travel Guide

Menorca: Honeymoon Part 2  

Menorca, Menorca… You have stolen our heart.  

With only 9 days total for our honeymoon, we had to make a decision on how many Spanish cities we could make it to without wearing ourselves out. It was a tough decision between Mallorca and it’s much smaller, less talked about, neighbor island, Menorca. To say that we were pleased with our choice would be an understatement.

Menorca is a hidden treasure off the coast of Barcelona. It is one of the Balearic Islands and by far, the tiniest. Menorca actually stands for “Minor Island”. A large portion of the island is still held as a nature preserve, hence the lack of establishment, which makes the island experience that much more unique and relaxing.

I could go on and on and on about the beauty and memories on this island so I will just go ahead and put my recommendations below.


Menorca is only a short 45 minute flight from the BCN – Barcelona airport. There are extremely reasonable flights available on the budget airlines. We chose Vueling and flew back on RyanAir.  During peak-season months, there is also an option to take a ferry to Menorca or any of the other islands. However, off-season ferry times are much more sparse and not as reliable.

the most gorgeous and unique cliffside bar on the island of Menorca Spain

Getting Around Menorca:

Rent a car! It is fairly reasonable and gives you full freedom to explore the island at your own leisure.  There are plenty of rental car companies upon arrival at the airport, just make sure that you request an ‘automatic’ car if you don’t drive manual (most European rental cars are manual).   If you choose not to rent a car, there are various public buses that will take you around to the major cities for drop-off. A third option would be to hire a private transfer company to transport you to-and-from your hotel.

We rented a car and didn’t regret it one bit. At first we considered just renting a moped scooter due to the small size of the island. However, we quickly realized it would take a very long time to get from point A to point B on the windy island roads on a moped.

Views from our hotel overlooking Cala Galdana on the island of Menorca

Sunset at the cliffside bar of Cova de Xoroi on the island of Menorca

A day spent hiking along the coast line of Menorca. These views were captured just steps from our hotel stay at Melia Cala Galdana

Where to Stay:

  • Melia Cala Galdana: The views from our hotel room ( see below slideshow ), were unreal. Waking up to those views every morning never got old.  We chose ‘The Level” suite as it guarantees you have the oceanside views.
    • The Level:  If you are considering the different room options- The Level has a lot of perks that make it well worth the extra splurge.   There is a daily  ‘happy hour’ from 5:30 – 7:30PM  near the Level concierge.. Here they have rotating ‘tapa’ / appetizers, mini-desserts, and alcohol of your choice. You can treat yourself to a few pre-dinner apps along with your choice of wine, a handmade Pomada, vodka soda, or cold refreshing beer to kick off your evening.     The Level also includes 24/7 room service, 24/7 concierge help, an in-room Nespresso machine, and free water bottles/soda/etc. from the Level room.   Lastly ( or at least on the list of items we took the most advantage of ), was the free breakfast every day… We had the option of buffett, or off-menu ordering.. OR even better, BOTH.   Their food options were delicious and never failed to impress us as we sat outside overlooking the crystal clear blue waters of Cala Galdana.

What to do: 

  • Hike the coast from Melia Cala Galdana to the various ‘calas’ or coves
    • You can turn right out of the resort and end up at Cala Macarella and Cala Macarelleta.  Take a break and jump in or stop and spend some time on one of the beaches as you make your way up and down the coastline.  You can also go left and end up at Cala Mitjana.
  • Rent a power boat: 
    • You can rent a power boat right in front of the hotel. It is very reasonable ( especially if you are there during off -season ). ~5 hour boat rental = ~ $160 total.  The boat is extremely easy to use so even with no boating experience, you are fine. The waters are smooth and the boat allows you to check out the coast from a whole new perspective. You can anchor down in any of the Calas and jump into the turquoise waters below.
  • Rent a Kayak:
    • Sea-kayaking was a whole new experience for us. Although it’s exhausting, you  get to explore very close to the rocks and cliffs, from a new perspective  and at a much slower pace.   You can rent kayaks right in  front of the hotel for ~ $15/hour.  If we had more time, we would have made the drive to the nature preserve on the Eastern coast of the island near Es Grau. If you are really into kayaking, they have 3 hour , 5 hour, 1-day and even multi-day kayaking trips you can take through a Kayaking Tour company.
  • Couples massage @ The Blue Spa at Artiem Hotel in Cala Galdana
    • Ask the concierge to set you up and appointment; perfect on a rainy day
  • Horseback riding:
    • Unfortunately, we didn’t get to go but Menorca is known for their beautiful, black Menorcan horses. The ‘Cami de Cavalls’ is the path that circles the entire island and there are a few horseback riding companies that will take you around, whether you are a beginner or expert, they have a trip for you.

Honeymoon hiking day along the coastline of Menorca Spain

Seafood paella by the sea after a full day of swimming in Cala Galdana in Menorca

What's better than an active day of kayaking in the blue waters of Menorca just footsteps from your hotel?

Island Destinations: 

{ Where to Eat / Drink / Explore during your time in Menorca }

  • Cala Galdana: walkable from the hotel, there are lots of small restaurants, live music spots in the evening, and boutiques to check out.
    • Food Find: Sa Lluna – great atmosphere, cheap ‘happy hour’ drinks, patatas bravas and pizza! Also live music on occasion
  • Ciutadella:
    • Charming, colorful, and quiet.. Ciutdaella is the 2nd oldest town on the island. Located on the west coast, this port city is known for it’s medieval style side streets and has plenty of restaurants, cafes, and boutiques to keep you busy. As we were there during off-season, it was very quiet but this allowed us to hop in to restaurants without much wait and enjoy an amazing sunset overlooking the harbor
  • Mahon [or Mao]:
    • The capital of Menorca.. located on the East coast of the island right near the airport.  We didn’t get to spend too much time in this town but there are outdoor cafes, tapas restaurants, glass-bottom boat tours, etc.
  • Fornells:
    • A small fishing village on the northside of the island.  With a population of only ~ 1,000 … the city thrives off the summer tourism; we were able to wander the quiet harbor town in the evening; enjoying a glass of wine and listening to the locals pass by.
  • Cova den Xoroi:
    • This is a must-see if you are in Menorca ( in my opinion ). How many times can you drink an ice cold cocktail, inside of a cliff, overlooking the sea with a perfect sunset.. followed by live music under the stars?   This is definitely a one-of-a-kind nightlife experience.  Upon arrival, you may for admission but it includes a glass of wine or beer.
    • Pomada” – My favorite drink of the trip..  and I do not typically drink Gin.  A Pomada is a Menorca staple. Made with local gin from Menorca (by Gin Xoriguer), and mixed with ‘cloudy lemonade’ .. this drink is the perfect refresher on a hot beach day.
panoramic views from our hotel room patio looking out at Cala Galdana in Menorca and all of it's beauty sunset in downtown Ciutadella in Menorca floating the day away in Menorca       Nothing but calm and tranquil waters after sunrise from our hotel room overlooking Cala Galdana Menorca  A full day out on our own personal boat exploring the many calas or "coves" along the Menorca coastline        Wine tasting and cheese tasting at a local island and wine stop on a rainy last day the sign reads "silencio por favor" which is the perfect depiction of the quiet and serene streets in this charming coastal Menorca town     Taking a leap during our boat day in Menorca A charming wine and cheese stop along our island road trip on a rainy day  

If you are looking for white sandy beaches, bright turquoise clear waters, boating, horseback riding, hiking or just sitting at an infinity pool with a pina-colada in hand… this is the place. It is quiet enough to 100% unwind and disconnect from the world. Yet, there are various cities within a short distance drive where you are surrounded by beautiful mediterranean architecture, colorful buildings, and very tasty seafood

(Must-try= Lobster stew which they are famous for; Lobster paella is another great choice).

More info needed? Message me for more details.