Study Abroad: Italy – Venice

Venice – Carnival

Top 2 pieces of advise:
(1) Pack light (trust me, you do not want to be lugging around a heavy suitcase up and down bridge after bridge)
(2) Get lost. Wander the beautiful alleyways, enjoy the scenic views from the top of countless bridges, stop for a glass of wine, make your way onto a gondola and take in the charming, romantic city of Venice by water

The 1st piece of advise was only followed by so many and it put an obvious damper on the moods when people became sick of carrying around their luggage and sick of the up-and-down stairs we were encountering.   Also you should go into your time spent in Venice aware that many of the restaurants, bars, and shops are overpriced given the high influx of tourists year round. If you are able to do your research before on places to stay, it is very beneficial. For food and drink, your best bet is trying to find those hidden treasure cafes, pizzerias, or seafood spots that are not sitting right on Marco Square or sitting right on the waterfront. Same goes for the gondola rides.. be prepared to pay significantly more if you pick up your gondola from the busiest, highest ‘traffic’ spot.

Besides that.. ENJOY.  Venice is unlike any place I have ever visited. It is impossible to explain and pictures do not do it justice. Go for the experience of this city that continues to sink just a little deeper under water each year. Just a quick train ride from many of the major northern Italy cities, Venice is an easy 2-4 day trip which we were able to make from Verona –> Milan –> Venice and back in a long weekend to celebrate Carnivale.