Atlanta Wellness Guide

 Finding Wellness in Atlanta, Georgia

Living in Atlanta, Georgia for the past five years, I have loved watching all of the health-focused restaurants, fitness studios, and miscellaneous wellness shops open up all over the city. As you’re likely aware, I love all things health and wellness; holistic and integrative health solutions, boutique gyms, clean eating foodie finds, and the occasional pampering sessions.

Below is a list I compiled of some of my very favorite wellness-inspired spots around the city!  

{Remember these the next time you need some self-care}

The {Sama} Class – Location: Sama Food for Balance

Not only does Sama have a menu full of delicious, healing foods, superfood lattes and smoothies; they also offer meditation and yoga classes in there whiteout zen-like back room. The {Sama} class is part yoga, part breathing exercises and part meditation. Post-relaxation I love treating myself to the golden turmeric latte or the hot tonic if I’m feeling under the weather.

Boutique Fitness Studios

I have too many favorites to only name one. So here are a few of my favorites:

  • Burn Studios: Only $119/mo. for unlimited Burn Anywhere membership which gives me access to all the awesome classes at the Buckhead, Brookhaven and (soon) Ponce locations. 
  • Fit9: Whenever I am looking to burn a ton of calories and do some serious cardio, Fit9 is my go-to. This class always leaves me dripping in sweat, extremely out of breath and burning the most calories. The class is a mix of curved-treadmill sprints and agility, floor work, and boxing. 
  • Sculpthouse: One of my original favorites in Buckhead, now with a newer location that just opened in Sandy Springs. Classes always fly by (in my opinion). It is a mix of curve-treadmill cardio and pilates machine work with some awesome music to accompany the workout. 
  • Stellar Bodies: Partner studios with Fit9, Stellar was my go-to for my pre-wedding workouts. This low-impact, 50-minute class all done on the Megaformer machine literally leaves my arms, legs, and abs shaking, without a fail, every. single.time. 
  • Thunderbolt Power Yoga: My favorite place for zen is this heated yoga studio in Buckhead. Colorful walls,elephant murals, burning incense, dimmed lighting and relaxing flow music in the background; does it get any better? You won’t find any mirrors here and due to its popularity, it can get pretty packed full during peak class times so just be prepared!
  • Third-Eye Tribe: NEW spot alert. This studio recently opened in South Buckhead and takes place on pilates machines using the LaGree method; it will leave your legs, arms and abs sore for days. Check out a class with my fellow ATL-boss babe Mallory Hopes to kick your body into shape! 

Perspire Infared Sauna:

Although I’m no doctor and I’m unsure of all of the facts related to infared saunas, I can say with certainty that I feel great every time my 40-minute, 150 degree sauna session comes to an end. Drenched in sweat and fully relaxed I’ve noticed that I sleep (and fall asleep) much easier, I notice a difference in my skin, and as long as I hydrate enough before, during and after the session, I wake up feeling lighter, refreshed and energized the next morning.

At Perspire Buckhead, you can book either a single or double sauna room which comes complete with your personal TV. If you can’t sit still for 40 minutes in silence, you can watch Netflix, listen to Pandora radio, or follow their booklet stretching guide when your muscles are all warmed up.

Visit Centre Spring MD to address your health concerns:

In 2018 I began dealing with all sorts random issues; gut issues which led to skin issues was what got me into Centre Spring. I love how they handle each individual patient with an integrative, functional and holistic approach. Whether you have anxiety, trouble sleeping, skin issues, gut issues or unknown issues that you are trying to figure out, I highly recommend going in for a consultation to take the next step in healing your body! 

Get a facial at Kindred Studio:

At the end of 2018, I had an onset of skin issues and was in serious need of a personalized approach to my skincare routine. This is when I was introduced to Kindred Studio located right on the edge of Grand Park. After one time, I was hooked and I’ve been going to Kelly Painter (one of the two owners) for the past 4-5 months. She has completely transformed my skincare routine and helped me address the outburst of issues as we continue to slowly work on healing my skin. 

Not to mention .. I leave feeling like I am on Cloud 9 every time! 

Attend the annual WellScene ATL event: 

Last year was the very first ‘annual’ WellScene conference and it was a hit. I spontaneously decided to attend a week before the event took place and will definitely be going back this year. The day is full of motivating, wellness-inspired speakers; delicious clean food and beverages; local health industry vendors and fun giveaways to finish it all off! Keep your eye out for what’s to come in 2019. 


Treat yourself at Treat-Your-Feet:

Treat-Your-Feet Buckhead is our go-to spot when Mike and I are looking for a fun, low-key, and affordable date night. There are various massage options but our favorite has to be their Signature which includes 1/2 foot massage and the other 1/2 head, shoulder and back all for $48.